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Hello Future Customers and Guests!!!

Greetings!!! My name is Andre’ Lewis, I am a Sales and Leasing Consultant at Midlands Honda in Columbia, South Carolina. I am rather partial to Hondas, I also drive a Honda, but we also sell other popular brands that may be of interest to you. This is the inaugural post to LewisAutosInMotion. My goal for this blog site is for it to be informative and helpful to my existing and prospective customers and for all that share an interest in automobile safety, performance, appearance, comfort, economy, and dependability. We are indeed heading into an exciting time in automotive design and performance. Automakers domestic and foreign are stepping up the game when it comes to trim features and interior comforts. They are also becoming more earth friendly with the addition of cleaner burning more fuel efficient engines and drive trains. I have no doubt that this site will be the best site for automobile information that will aid you in selecting the next vehicle for your household. Your input and feedback are welcome. I look forward to bloging for you, providing links to important vehicle facts and information, and if the opportunity presents itself helping you with your next automobile purchase or lease.


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