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It’s Tax Season!!! A Great Time to Buy a New or Preowned Car

Yes, another year has come and gone.  And, now is the time to either lick your  wounds or do the Snoopy dance because you do not have to write a check to the government.  Either way, it will be a fresh year for fresh ideas to make money and spend money.  So what about buying a new car, it could make to feel better or at least ride a little better.  

Why is tax time the best time to find your new vehicle?  The short answer is “Cash Is King”!!! You are always in a stronger position whenever you have cash in your pocket.  You have more “Ways” or  as some call it the “Almighty Dollar” on your side to help with negotiations.  A lot of consumers like yourself are expecting large refunds.  Others at least think in their minds they will be getting a large refund.  My suggestion is to wait until you have the check in hand then start looking around.  Others will be on the hunt in anticipation of getting their refund.  This may not be such a good idea for a lot of reasons.  Mainly, because you are in a weakened position any time you start talking about tomorrow’s money.  Why?  You don’t have it today and who knows what will happen tomorrow.

With cash in hand, it is hard for a dealer to let you walk out of the door.  Some dealers will even hold on to a check if you know that your refund will be in your account within a reasonable amount of time.  So, avoid the rapid refund trap that will cost you more money and opt for waiting on the money to arrive normally within a few weeks. 

If you are looking in the market for a previously owned or used car then definitely wait for the money in hand.  A used car will not be there if you fall in love with one too soon before your money arrives.  It will only lead to disappointment.  So, delay the gratification and wait for your check. Consider your “ways” before plucking down your good dollars on the first car you find. Work the cash in hand to your advantage and not to your disadvantage. 

Good luck!!!


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