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Back to School Time Again!!! What am I going to Do?

Yes, it’s that time again.  Back to school.  What are you going to do this time to prepare for all of the demands on your time and money? Particualarly when it comes to transportation and work schedules. Well, it is always a good idea to start planning now if you have not already begun to give it some thought.  Consider your transportation that you currently use and whether you need to add to your current vehicle line up or upgrade and existing vehicle.  Whatever the game plan there will be a cost associated somewhere I am sure, so making a budget is always good and requires some deep thinking.   Download a good template or look on your computer to see what you already may have right there at your finger tips.   Things to consider:

  1. Year … Do you need a new vehicle or would a preowned one suffice?
  2. Make… What brand best meets your buying motivators?  Safety, Performance, Appearance, Comfort, Economy, Dependability… try to pick three that are most important to you and rank them accordingly.
  3. Model…Do you need a Van or Subcompact vehicle?
  4. Trim Level/Body Styles… Do you need leather or would cloth do just as good?  Do you need a Rear Entertainment Center , DVD player or not?
  5. Milage Limits… Do you need new car warranties, certifications, high mileage or low mileage?
  6. Price…Will a cash car do or will you need to get some financing help?

Now that you are well on your way to developing a great plan, let me encourage you to look back to last year when things were really really hectic, you made it through the year.  And guess what, you will make it again.  Just get started.




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